Ajasimayor Technologies is an Information Technology company that was established to provide mobile contents and solutions to growing Nigeria enterprise and user markets. The company came into existence by a team of passionate and dedicated young Nigerians who have spent many years of experience in technology related businesses.

The entire involvement entirely beated any our predictions.


The company is self-financed with a clear focus and deep interest in mobile contents delivery. Our core targets are Nigeria growing enterprise customers in the banking and finance, oil gas, media, travel and hospitality, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), academia, courier and logistics, online portals and more.


We seek to work with established industry player that is focused in mobile contents and application. Our choice of mobile contents and solutions is based on the wide spread of GSM mobile phones in Nigeria and its acceptability by wide population of Nigerians. Our strength lies on our superior knowledge of our environment, our deep interest and commitment in our occupation, as well solid funding by the parent company.readmore

Premium SMS Mobile Marketing
BulkSMS Application Integration
Short Code Mobile Solutions
Lead Capture IVR Services
Our Location
Ground Floor, Rear Wing
35, Olowu Street, Ikeja,
Lagos - Nigeria